Incredible Jack

Incredible Jack is an action that’s quite a bit better to see in action, than on screenshots. I was pretty pleasantly surprised, after I’ve launched it, because, even though it features somewhat cheap 3D graphics, and a story that Saturday morning cartoons would think to be too cheesy, there’s actually a decent gameplay in it that reminds me of classic Sonic games, of all things. It’s not nearly that fast, but the mechanics are undoubtedly similar to those in the games about blue hedgehog, the first couple of times they were still good. You play as an unfortunate father of an uncounted number of progeny, and of uncertain anthropomorphic classification, whose children, along with their plentiful mother, got kidnapped by demons. Really, the hooved, horned demons, whose master definitely shares some looks with the Big L. But, when his children got kidnapped, they dropped gold from their kidnappers’ sacks, and now you can follow them, going by the golden trail. Of course, it’s but a justification to stampede through different levels, butchering everything you see, and stealing all the valuables you see.

There are just a few buttons to control your hero’s movement in Incredible Jack: left and right arrows, as well as a jump button, but it’s more than enough to bring quite a varied gameplay and lots of different features and levels. The most interesting feature of Incredible Jack is its great physical engine that enables a great lot of different physical objects in the game world, definitely granting an unusual level of realism to the game. There are explosive barrels that you can throw on the heads of your enemies, and various rocks that can clear the way for you, and even matrasses that you can push around an area that grant you an ability to jump to great heights. On the other hand, most of the coins you need to collect, are also behaving more or less, according to the gravitational pull, which means that you will often lose some amount that falls outside of your view. As for the enemies – you can destroy most of them easily, just by jumping on top of them one or two times. Speaking of which, Incredible Jack also looks like it took some lessons from Mario, as you can although punch various blocks to get coins and power-ups, just like the famous moustachioed plumber. There are, of course, lots of other, inanimate obstacles, like the same explosive barrels that hurt you just as well as your enemies, spikes, and the most dangerous of all – water. For the most part, you can withstand three hits, with three lives at your disposal, which you can refill by picking up hearts throughout the levels.

Wrapping up, Incredible Jack is a very solid and challenging action, despite its somewhat strange graphics. It has great levels and lots of different mechanics. It’s definitely an exciting game, suitable for all ages.

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