Author: Terry

Incredible Jack

Incredible Jack is an action that’s quite a bit better to see in action, than on screenshots. I was pretty pleasantly surprised, after I’ve launched it, because, even though it features somewhat cheap 3D graphics, and a story that Saturday morning cartoons would think to be too cheesy, there’s actually a decent gameplay in it […]

Little Luca

Damn, abstract art style is a cop-out. You don’t have to draw any difficult textures, you don’t need to think about the design, don’t have to bother yourself with sketching, or colour balance, or whatever. You just draw some circles and triangles, and some indescribable forms, filled with a single colour, and you’re set for […]

Mansion Run

Let’s imagine that you’re dead, for a moment. I know, it’s not a particularly pleasant image, but bear with me. On the other hand, you got a stylish suit, and you’re actually a sentient skeleton, who found himself (itself?) in a big, abandoned house, full of ghosts and other impurities. “Grand!” – You say (well, […]


Oh man, here we go again with the artsy videogames. I know, everyone deserves a spot under the sun and the games that want to look deep are great and all, but my problem isn’t with games that try to be deep – it’s with games that try to be deep by featuring some small, […]

Protoxide: Death Race

Oh, joy. Another game, done in a style of Wipeout. Guys, there are plenty of other types of racing games, or you can simply make a new one, why do you always have to recreate the same damn game over and over? Is it too difficult? Who am I talking to? Whatever, ‘Protoxide Death Race’ […]